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Graphic Design

About Us

Multimedia Marketing Group’s team of branding experts create unique and owned names, nomenclature systems, tag lines, descriptors, slogans, and brand literature that define the values, experiences and perceptions of your business, product or service brand. We also provide trademark procurement and copyright services to support all naming projects.

Brand strategy lies at the center of a brand’s power, but it is through extension that a brand can have the greatest opportunity to express that strategy and communicate with its audiences. Extensions are applications or media that have the most power to influence brand perceptions. MMG produces a wide range of brand extensions, including print and digital media, advertising, signage, web development and packaging.

Brand Extension

Brand Naming

Client Centered Process

Multimedia Marketing Group develops brand identity marks and systems that translate brand strategy into vibrant, visual expressions of your business, product, or service brand. The result is a compelling, memorable, and lasting visual language that sets you apart from competitors. We achieve this distinction through a unique combination of form and a variety of visual techniques.

Brand Identity


Step 1: Beginning with the End in Mind:

Insight gathering through consultative discovery, competitive studies, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, market research, and communication audits—whatever it takes to unearth the elements and factors that surround and influence your brand challenge.

Step 2: Defining Outcomes:

Documentation of brand truths, positioning theories, planning scenarios, and branding criteria—all developed to set the stage for insightful, extraordinary, and breakthrough brand development.

Step 3: Distilling the Brand:

We will take you through a process of ranking, filtering, and prioritization of brand strategies for the best fit and alignment with your targeted audiences, stakeholders, and influencers—rigorous communication to ensure outstanding, growth-based outcomes.

Step 4: Designing the Brand:

We will help you bring sensational brand solutions to life through creative ideation, concept generation, and communication modeling that will express the behaviors of the core brand idea through expert design, thought, and execution

Step 5: Implementation of the Project:

The implementation stage provides refinement, packaging, delivery, and guidance of the brand solution—setting the course for marketplace introduction, penetration, and sustainability.


Graphic Design

Logos are not the only print related medium that MMG designs. Posters, brochures, package design and t-shirts, to name a few, are also commonly asked for by clients and are expertly fashioned and laid out to suit their needs. But even that isn’t the extent of it; MMG has designed banners, annual reports, invitations, billboards and even large scale prints as vehicle wraps.


Print Design

Logo Creation


If you are going to invest in making promotional or informative print material, don’t settle for mediocrity. MMG’s experience and unmatched skills in creating printed literature will ensure your success.

Not only can we produce various styles of graphics for your specific project, we are knowledgeable in implementing marketing and design
strategies to create more traffic.

If you are going to invest in making promotional or informative printed communications, don’t settle for mediocrity. MMG’s experience and unmatched skills in creating printed literature will enable your sure-fire success.  Not only can we produce various styles of graphics for your specific project, we are knowledgeable in implementing marketing and design strategies to create more traffic.


Many companies are aware that they need a logo, but may be unsure of where to begin when creating a brand identity for their organization.  “What colors do I use?” “Will my logo transfer easily into print or on a sign?” “How about using it digitally?” MMG knows the answers to these questions. A company’s logo is the foundation of all of its promotional materials; MMG can assist in designing and creating an unforgettable logo for your organization.



In our busy world, information is available right at everyone’s fingertips.  Websites are flowing with information and are capable of presenting content in a variety of eye-catching ways by using animation, audio, interactivity, and videos. Interactivity allows the viewer to participate and engage in activities rather than passively scrolling through the pages of the website.  With interactivity and a good knowledge of web-based technology, MMG can help you make your site a dynamic and engaging experience


Multimedia Marketing Group designs creative and dynamic websites to inform your readers about who you are.  Let the world know about your services, new and upcoming product lines, seasonal events, or promotional campaigns.  Our design team’s expert layouts and state-of-the-art graphics will keep all eyes immersed on the pages. Once you grab their interest, they will want to know more!


Great collateral material is a must when meeting your marketing objectives, reinforcing branding, positioning goals, and building your credibility. Whether it is POP displays or catalogs, effectiveness and cost-efficiency is always on our mind. Experience has taught us the importance of consistent tone and style in order to maintain your brand image. No matter if you’re in consumer or business markets, we understand the different dynamics required in your collateral. When it comes to learning about your business and developing unique solutions, contact Multimedia Marketing Group today!


Social Media

Social media is considered to be one of the most in-demand web-based technologies that allows the creation and exchange of content generated by users. It allows marketers to connect with their consumers on various levels, and statistics show that social media marketing is on the rise.  A marketer often wonders how to be successful and gain a presence on these social networking sites, and MMG is here to help.

Public Relations

One of the main goals of public relations is to enhance a company’s reputation.  The business world today is very competitive and companies must have an edge that sets them apart from the rest. MMG strives to create good will between your organization and society. We will help you create a free flow of information by providing the public with resources that will educate them about the products or services your company offers. In creating a good image for your company or organization, MMG can create press releases, video news releases, social media communication, public service announcements, and professional interviews. It is important to realize the valuable impact communication strategies can have.

Media Placement

Share your vision and relax.  MMG will consult with you and advise you on the best course of action. MMG undertakes the research, negotiates rates, and places media buys for radio, television, and print. We happily handle all the ins and outs for making your production come together.


It is important for companies and organizations to have a digital presence in this ever-changing technological world.  Whether the sign is displayed in your restaurant or on the seats at sports stadiums, MMG can create spectacular digital signage to fit your company’s needs. Don’t worry if you are not too savvy in this digital world, that’s where we come in.

MMG creates professional and exceptionally produced videos, utilizing a full production studio for shooting footage on and off-site, editing video, and using our high-definition production suite for the highest picture quality. Remember, your presentation is what makes the first impression to your audience and market. Online videos were once considered an accessory or convenience but have now evolved into the fastest-growing content on the web. The professional world has rapidly been reaping the benefits of online videos to reach a wider variety of consumers

Digital Signage

Filmed Productions

Quality Animation

Animation is not only great for video, but is also an effective way to create eye-popping graphics for print ads, brochures, posters, and web graphics. Not only can we create amazing 2D animation for websites, we also are capable of complex 3D animation for commercials and awesome visual effects. MMG can help you take your promotional materials to the next level by utilizing these great multimedia strategies.


Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, Multimedia Marketing Group (MMG) was founded in 1984. MMG has been built on the foundation of more than 80 combined years of broadcast production, marketing implementation, and various forms of experienced in visual communication 
to fit the specific needs of our clients.



Client-Centered Services


At MMG, our most important philosophy is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions while maintaining a competitive edge. MMG is known in the industry for its captivating multimedia production services, but it’s our bold, creative approach, in-depth marketing expertise, and comprehensive execution that will bring success to your company.

MMG is a client centered, “best-practices” multimedia production company. MMG’s talented staff will provide you with creative, broadcast quality production and media services while using the latest hardware and software to create, design, and produce a variety of broadcast and digital, interactive-rich media.

It’s not just enough that we believe that we produce high quality, creative media services, it is important for other individuals and organizations to recognize that we do as well.  Below are just a few awards that the principals at Multimedia Marketing Group have received throughout our years

in the industry.


• Hermes Creative Awards

• Telly Awards

• Raddies Awards

• Videographer Awards